August 1-4, 2022
Golden, Colorado USA

Course Agenda

Grouting and Ground Improvement Course Program in 2022

Monday, August 1, 2022
8:00-8:30Welcome and IntroductionReza Hedayat
Bill Warfield
Colorado School of Mines
8:30-9:15Geotechnical Basics of Ground ImprovementMarty TaubeMenard
9:15-10:00Geotechnical Site Investigations for Ground ImprovementBecky BrockBrock Geo-Consulting
10:15-11:00Overview of Grouting MethodsDennis BoehmKeller
11:00-11:45Permeation Grouting in soilBrad CrenshawGoettle
12:45-1:30Permeation Grouting Case Histories/Applications (soil and rock)Tim MyersKeller
1:30-2:15Ground Freezing 101Joe SopkoKeller
2:15-3:00Ground Freezing Case Histories/ApplicationsJoe SopkoKeller
3:15-4:00Various Grouting Methods Utilized on the Rondout Bypass Tunnel ProjectGrant MillenerKiewit
4:00-4:30Cements and AdmixturesJim Lindsay
Steve Schaef
Master Builders Solutions
4:30-5:15Lab Demo: Grout RheologyBrian JeppsenUS Grout
5:15-6:00Lab Demo: Grouting Materials and Chemical AdmixturesJim Lindsay
Joel Joaquin
Master Builders Solutions
6:00-8:00Reception at Colorado School of Mines- Geology Museum
Tuesday, August 2, 2022
8:00-8:45Jet Grouting- productsDennis BoehmKeller
8:45-9:15Jet Grouting- ApplicationLorenzo Faedi
Emanuele Davitti
9:15-9:45Compensation Grouting TheoryDennis BoehmKeller
9:45-10:15Compensation grouting Case Histories/ApplicationsJose TorresNicholson Construction
10:30-11:15Compaction GroutingDominick ParmentierCondon-Johnson & Associates
11:15-11:45Compaction Grounting Case Histories/ApplicationsNick Aro
Joe Harris
12:45-1:30Grouting for Mine DevelopmentMatthew Swanson
1:30-2:15Risk Evaluation of Ground ImprovementBob GoodfellowAldea Services
2:15-3:00Practical Aspects of Grouting (cost discussion)Jeramy Decker Kiewit
3:15-4:00Cellular (Foam) Grout Use and ApplicationRich Palladino
Phillip Gallet
Aerix Industries
4:00-4:30Chemically Reactive GroutsBritt BabcockAvanti International
4:30-5:15Lab Demo: Chemical GroutBritt Babcock

Robert Penczek
Avanti International
DSI Underground
5:15-6:00Lab Demo-Two Component/Annulus Backfill GroutingPhil AntunesSimem Underground Solutions
6:00-7:30Meet the Underground Construction Association (UCA) Student Chapter of Mines
Wednesday, August 3, 2022
8:00-8:45Overview of Ground Improvement for Groundwater ControlSchmallKeller
8:45-9:30Dewatering (system installation)Nathan AndersonGriffin Dewatering
9:30-10:15Rock curtain grouting- Overview of theoryAdam Paisley Schnabel Engineering
10:30-11:15Case History-Boone Dam Foundation GroutingJose TorresNicholson Constrution
11:15-12:00Induced consolidation with Wick DrainsJosh KolzKeller
12:00-12:30Travel to Field Demo Site (12-12:30)
12:30-1:00Lunch at Baski
1:00-5:00Field Demo- drilling & grouting equipment, packers, permeation grouting (sand columns), cellular concrete, product demonstrations, instrumentationBill WarfieldIndependent Consultant
Thursday, August 4, 2022
8:00-8:15Reflection on Field Day Observations & Q/ABill WarfieldIndependent Consultant
8:15-9:00Drilling and Grouting EquipmentBill WarfieldIndependent Consultant
9:00-9:45Overview of Soil Mixing- TheoryJim HussinKeller
9:45-10:30Soil mixing for liquefaction mitigationAlan RingenJAFEC USA
10:45-11:30Soil Mixing for Excavation SupportBrian KennyCondon-Johnson & Associates
11:30-12:15Soil Mixing for Seepage Control / Environmental David Miller ADM Consulting
1:15-2:00Carbon Reduction for Grouting and Ground ImprovementJohn Allen

Kimberly Martin
Master Builders Solutions
2:00-2:45Backfill Grouting Behind Precast Segments Utilizing Grout Ports in SegmentsWilliam HodderJay Dee Contractors
2:45-3:15Compressible grout for tunnel applicationsKevin Foody
Jon Klug
KM Material
Klug Construction Systems
3:15-4:00Choosing the appropriate grouting solutions for civil/tunnel projectsTom SzynakiewiczHarrison Western
4:00-4:15Presentation of Course Completion Certificates, Closing Remarks, course surveyReza Hedayat
Bill Warfield
Colorado School of Mines