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3rd International Conference
on Electrolysis 2021

Important Visa Information

ICE 2021 attendees requiring a visa for travel to the United States should visit the International page of the Mines Continuing and Professional Education Services website for important information.

Scope for the ICE series

We continue the success of the first two international electrolyser conferences (ICE 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark and ICE 2019 in Loen, Norway) where entire conferences were devoted to the topic of electrolysis for energy conversion. ICE 2021 will be the third installment of what we hope will be a thriving conference series on electrolysis for energy conversion.

The research in all aspects of electrolysis for energy conversion and storage is growing rapidly. Demonstration and commercial installation of electrolysers coupled with renewable energy sources have grown from sub-MW installations a few years ago to tens of MW today. There is an increased recognition and awareness that the conversion of electrical energy to storable chemicals and fuels is an inevitable part of the green transition from a fossil based to a sustainable energy system.

We would like to invite you all to contribute to the continued success of the ICE conference series. We will do our utmost to host you all, but only you – the participants – can ensure the quality and success of the conference.

On behalf of the scientific and organizing committees,

Welcome to ICE 2021 in Golden, Colorado, USA!

Bryan Pivovar
Chair of ICE2021

Latest News

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Invited Speakers

Sunita Satyapal

Corky Mittelsteadt

Anne Hauch

Bill Tumas

Svitlana Pylypenko

Ryan O’Hayre

Kasper Tipsmark Therkildsen

Thomas Turek

HoonTaek Chung

Diana De Porcellinis

Tom Smolinka

Gerry Swiegers

Christian Walter

Maire-Laure Fontaine

ICE 2021 will cover all scientific and technical aspects of electrolysis for energy conversion.

Technologies include…

  • Alkaline electrolysers
  • PEM electrolysers
  • Solid oxide and proton ceramic electrolysers
  • Other pioneering electrolyser systems

Fields include…

  • Electrochemistry
  • Materials
  • Components
  • Diagnostics
  • Operation
  • System
  • Co-electrolysis
  • Lifetime and degradation

2022 Sponsors

This website will be updated frequently as more information becomes available, so be sure to revisit us soon!

Contact Information

Technical and Program Information

Bryan Pivovar
Conference chair

Registration and Logistical Information

Continuing and Professional Education Services
Colorado School of Mines
924 16th Street, Suite 221 Green Center
Golden, Colorado 80401 USA