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3rd International Conference
on Electrolysis 2021




Conference has been scheduled for June 20-23, 2022   —  The Abstract submission site is now open.

The 3rd International Conference on Electrolysis 2021 (ICE 2021) Conference originally scheduled June 27-July 1, 2021 has been has been rescheduled for June 20-23, 2022. Please check the website frequently for any updates.

The Conference provides an excellent opportunity for sharing knowledge through presentations. The Conference plans to accept submittals for oral presentation and for poster presentation. Please refer to the schedule presented below for information relating to important dates for the submittal and review process.

An abstract of each presentation, either oral or poster, must be submitted for review and acceptance. Upon review, an abstract may be determined to require additional editing and/or modification before final publication; therefore, a final abstract may be required. Such editing may be performed by technical editors associated with the Conference, or the abstract may be returned to the author(s) for incorporation of reviewer comments. If an abstract is determined to be completely acceptable for publication, no final version will be required. Please note that abstracts are required for all presentations — oral or poster — made at the Conference.

The actual presentation materials, for either oral or poster presentations, will not be submitted for review or approval.



Abstracts shall be submitted as Microsoft Word computer files (.docx or .doc). The abstract within the file shall be “camera-ready”; that is, it shall be complete, properly formatted, and ready in all respects to be directly included in the published abstract compilation. Each abstract shall be constructed/formatted in strict accordance with a specified template that is available for download from this website (see below). Abstracts, including all references and illustrations, shall not exceed one (1) page in length, and the abstract file shall not be larger than 10MB. Please see the Submittal of Documents section below for instructions for submitting abstract files.

Abstract Template

The template for constructing abstracts for the Conference is available for download using the link (URL) shown below:

The template is a Microsoft Word document file (.doc) that can be opened in Microsoft Word or Open Office. Full instructions for use of the template are contained in the template file.

Abstracts MUST be submitted no later than 11:00 PM US Mountain Standard Time on April 29, 2022.

Submittal of Documents

All abstracts shall be submitted to the Conference staff through a web-based Document Management System (DMS) Click on the button below to submit your abstract.

Contact for more information if needed.

Persons wanting to submit documents for the Conference should visit the website listed above and create an account. Those who create an account for use in submitting an abstract must use that account’s credentials to access the DMS for subsequent submittals. Do not create more than one account on the DMS; a submitter must use the same DMS account for all submittals.

While it is not required that the person submitting documents is an author of the documents, all communication from the Conference staff concerning a document will be directed to the person who submits the document (the account holder). If the submitter/account holder is not also an author, it is the responsibility of the submitter to forward correspondence from the DMS to at least one author of the document.

For questions about document submission or for help with the Document Management System, please contact the Conference staff using the information available on the Contacts page.


Poster Presentations

All poster presentations should follow the instructions and recommendations contained in the poster instructions document available here.

 Attendance of Conference

At least one author of each accepted presentation must register for and attend (physically or virtually) the Conference and must present the information covered by the abstracts at the Conference in accordance with the applicable presentation schedule.


Topics for Presentations

Presentations in the following areas are invited:

  • PEM electrolysis
  • Alkaline electrolysis
  • Solid oxide electrolysis

Important dates for abstract submission

February 2022Call for abstracts
April 29, 2022Initial abstracts due
May 2022Accepted abstract notification
June 20, 2022ICE 2021 opens
June 23, 2022ICE 2021 ends