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About this course:

We are often called upon to lead at work. We may be asked to lead a small project, team, major initiative, or department. Sometimes we are asked to lead when we least expect it and are unprepared. While leadership is a popular abstract topic, this series of mini-courses is designed with you, the working practitioner, in mind. Our learning objectives revolve around helping you lead and coordinate change at work. This includes leading a team to launch a new product, break into a new market, upgrade customer experience, or handle a crisis to name a few examples. 


Our aim is to:

  • Help you lead a team to deliver desired outcomes
  • Help you be a good follower as a member of a team
  • Understand why leadership matters in practice
  • Debunk unproven leadership myths and theories
  • Apply leadership skills at work and grow as a leader

Overview :

The Mines McNeil Center for Entrepreneurship and innovation supports those who learn while they earn. We meet you at any point in your life-long quest to sharpen your skill set. We also support organizations that actively integrate innovation in daily operations.  To this end, we offer short-course series designed for empowering you to deliver results efficiently as you lead innovation teams to produce successful products and services that differentiate your organization. All short-courses integrate into your current workflow providing for direct application of learning outcomes.

Integrated Innovation is a fully comprehensive and well-rounded approach to understanding the fundamentals of effective and rapid innovation. Through the marriage of theoretical research and practical experience, you will build real skills while learning the ins and outs of leading innovative teams, solving real problems in novel and innovative ways, and managing the success of innovative products.


Continuing education credits

Colorado School of Mines will award ????? Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successful completion of each of these courses. These course are offered as part of the Statewide Extended Studies Program of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.

Sid Hanna Saleh, Ph.D.
Teaching Associate Professor, Economics & Business
Associate Director, McNeil Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Instructor Background

Sid Saleh’s Bio

What You Will Learn

Innovation Tech Lead

Innovation is a team sport. Learn and practice the skills required to lead teams of high performing individuals including self and team awareness, communication, coordination, investing in people, and much more.

Product Management

Developing and launching new products and services is the lifeblood of any organization. Learn to introduce new products and services at startup speed in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Innovation in Action

True innovation results from fully understanding problems and rapidly testing solution hypotheses. Learn the essential beneficiary-centric process to investigating and creating real solutions to real problems.




Participants must have a laptop running Microsoft Windows 10 and have Microsoft Excel 2016 or 365 installed.  There is no guarantee that earlier versions of these software packages will work with the course teaching aids and examples.  The laptop must have software installation privileges to install an Excel Add-in used on the course.  

Course Material

Participants will receive a set of course notes ????? detailing ?????.  

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