July ???,20?? to July??, 20??
Golden, Colorado  or Virtual Program

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No Special Requirements at this Time

You will be informed at a later time of any requirements for this event.


All participants need a computer with Microsoft® Excel™ installed.

Pre-Course Study

Participants are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the material in the “First Steps” self-paced session that you will be enrolled in automatically when registering for an in-person/zoom or asynchronous Before and After Tax session.  Please allow at least five working days from your registration date to receive access credentials.

Course Textbooks

The course text book set is included in the registration fee. The textbook, Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods, 16th Edition (2019), by F.J. Stermole, J.M. Stermole, and A.H. Pederson, and the accompanying Solutions Manual and Self-Teaching Manual are published and copyrighted by Investment Evaluations Corporation (IEC).

The textbook and the Solutions Manual will be handed out in class on Monday morning for in-person attendees, and will be electronic for Zoom and asynchronous attendees. All of these textbooks may also be purchased separately.