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Short 1 2- sentence description here. The following is documentation about how to change the blue link to point to the home page for the event.

1. Hover over the Link and left click. An edit box should pop up.

2. Click the “Pencil” icon and another box will popup with a URL box and 2 icons to the right of the URL box.

3. Click the “Gear” icon and a selector box will open with all of the learn.mines.edu web pages.

4. Scroll through the pages to find the home page for the event in this post.  Typically the home page will be just the event name like “Practical Python” and not a page like “Practical Python :: Instructors” which would be the instructor page for “Practical Python”.  Hint: you can use the Search box to help locate the page that is needed.

5. Once found highlight it.  Make sure the “Open link in a new tab” is checked and then

6. Click “Update”.

Click/tap for more information.