The Innaugural Mines Methane Symposium

February 17-18, 2022
Golden, CO

About this Symposium:

Please join us for the innaugural Mines Methane Symposium on February 17 – 18, 2022, at Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, bringing together thought leaders from industry, academia, think tanks, and state and federal governments on the economic, policy and technology issues and opportunities related to addressing methane emissions.


The recent global Methane Pledge, as well as new proposed regulations by the EPA have put a focus on how to minimize methane emissions. This will be a key area for addressing climate change, as well as the sustainability of the oil and gas industry. Since 2014, Colorado had led the way to implement the first state-level methane reduction regulations in the country, and the EPA’s new proposed federal regulations were modeled after Colorado’s.  What has been learned so far?  Federal and state government officials and industry leaders will provide insight on their experiences and goals. What are the potential economic impacts on consumers, industries, and supply chain?  What are the challenges and opportunities for methane management nationally and globally?  How can data science be brought to bear most effectively.


The Mines Methane Symposium 2022 will provide a critical foundation for future decisions on technology and regulation for methane emissions. This program features keynote speakers and panel discussions on research and technology, regulations, measurements, and standards, and industry deployment of innovative solutions.


Come join in this dialogue on shaping the future of energy!

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