June 25-27, 2024
Golden, Colorado USA

2023  Course Agenda 

Check-in is required for all participants on the first day of attendance. A continental breakfast is available before class on each day.

Tuesday • June 27
7:45RegistrationRegistration Desk
8:30Recycling of Lithium-ion batteries in EuropeKatharina Kirchheimer
9:45Recycling Spent Industrial Catalysts Containing Mo, Ni, and CoCaleb Hull
10:15Hatch Battery Recycling Process Flowsheet Development Case StudyFangyu Liu and Christina Hassey
11:00Synergy: The Cement and Aluminum IndustriesDavid Gossman
11:30Networking Time
12:00LunchFriedhoff Hall
1:00A New Paradigm in Iron Ore Processing:  Recovering Multiple Metallics from Titanomagnetite oresThomas Battle
1:30Technospheric Mining of Critical Metals from Steelmaking SlagJihye Kim
2:15Hybrid Hydro-electrochemical Process Development for LIB Black Mass RecyclingAaron Palumbo
2:45Why Don’t They Recycle More Plastic? - A Process Engineer’s PerspectiveRob Reeves
3:30Redifining the Critical Mineral Supply ChainVictoria Vaccarezza
4:00Social at Colorado School of Mines Coolbaugh Hall Atrium
Wednesday • June 28
8:30Environmentally Friendly Recycling of Ni, Cu, Co Industrial WasteClemens Kuhnert
9:45The Mother of InventionMichael Aston
10:15About HazenLawrence May
11:00Opportunities in Lithium-ion Battery RecyclingMark Strauss
11:30Networking Time
12:00LunchFriedhoff Hall
1:00A Learned Approach to Tailings Reprocessing/td>Joseph Trouba
1:30Recycling Alkaline Batteries - For RealScott Volner
2:15Traders: It’s not what you can do for your company, but what our company can do for you.Jay Hemenway
2:45Metallurgy In The Climate Era: Recycling Alkalinity To Remove CO2 From The AirBrock Battochio
3:30Electrochemical Metal Recovery from Industrial Process Water and WastewaterCameron Lippert
3:00Lab ToursBrown and Hill Hall
Thursday • June 23
8:30Recycling Graphite from Li Ion BatteriesAli Crawford
9:00Criticality of Intellectual Capital: An Excess of ShortagesCorby Anderson
9:45Mine Tailings, Opportunity or Myth?Jaeheon Lee
10:15Zinc and Lead Recycling activities in JGI’s groupPhillippe Henry