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XXII  Meeting
June 7-10, 2022

Colorado School of Mines
Golden, Colorado USA

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The Space Resources Roundtable (SRR) is happy to announce that it will convene its 22nd meeting on June 7-10, 2022. The meeting will be held in person on the campus of the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO, USA.

About this event…

As it has been doing since 1999, this conference will bring together world experts from space agencies, research organizations, academia, the space private sector, the mining supply chain, the oil and gas industry, equipment manufacturers, and financial, policy, and legal experts to present innovative approaches in space resource identification, technology development, utilization, public and private partnerships, and capability and regulatory regimes.

The meeting will be organized to accommodate technical presentations and roundtable discussions around these topics and how they apply to space-resource activities in cislunar space, the Moon, Mars, and small bodies, space manufacturing and construction, space infrastructure, commerce, international efforts, and legal and public policy issues.  This meeting will provide a unique and timely forum for discussion of the near- and long-term opportunities for space resources.

Topics to be explored

The meeting will be organized to accommodate technical presentations and roundtable discussions around the following topics:

  1. The Moon and Cislunar Space: Our nearest celestial destination for space resources
  2. Mars: Preparing to live and work in the Red Planet
  3. Asteroids: Stepping stones to develop a space resources infrastructure
  4. Manufacturing and Construction: Building our future in space
  5. Infrastructure: Power, communications, transport,and other services to support space resources activities
  6. Economic, Legal, Policy, and Environmental Issues: The multidisciplinary nature of space resources

Thus, the SRR solicits presentations about:

  • Update on exploration and ISRU efforts from space agencies and the private sector
  • Orbital or landed measurements of the Moon, Mars, and/or asteroids to identify and characterize potential resources
  • Resource collection, excavation, transport, drilling, and beneficiation
  • Resource extraction and processing technologies
  • Resource utilization experiments
  • In-space manufacturing and construction
  • Space debris collection and recycling
  • Space Power Systems
  • Commercial initiatives on Earth and in Space
  • Materials transportation systems – in space and on the surface
  • Space transportation systems utilizing space resources
  • Market demand and utilization scenarios for space resources and their products
  • The relationship between government-funded exploration and private ventures in identifying and using space resources, and how to develop public-private partnerships
  • Legal and policy issues for space resources
  • Socio-economic, environmental, and ethical aspects of space resource utilization
  • Or any other serious study of space resources-related topics


The Program will be available after selection of abstracts is completed.  Abstracts are due by Tuesday, April 12, 2022.  See the Abstracts page for information on their preparation and submittal. Learn more …


The meeting will be held on the campus of the Colorado School of Mines in Golden (near Denver), Colorado USA. Learn more …

Fees and Registration

Registration for this event is open now. Enrollment is limited; therefore, applications will be accepted in the order received. Full information about fees, options, and payment methods is available.  Learn more …

Travel and accommodation

Registrants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, transportation, and lodging. Additional information is available through the links below.

Further Technical Information

For more information about the event content, please contact:

Dr. Angel Abbud-Madrid
President, Space Resources Roundtable
Director, Center for Space Resources
Colorado School of Mines
Phone: +1 (303) 384-2300