About this course…

This course aims to give design engineers, owners, and operators of belt conveyors the advanced skills necessary to evaluate and improve conveyor performance and reliability. This is achieved through an in-depth look at conveyor component selection and design, modern and safe belt repair, installation and replacement techniques, conveyor system monitoring, and digital twins.

What you will learn…

Attendees will learn about many aspects of conveyor systems not covered in books or designing conveyors with computer programs. Many areas covered will be from the inside perspective of a component supplier and field service crews. Specific attention will be given to the belting, splicing, idlers, pulleys, transfer chutes, and how they interact in an overall systems approach. Leading-edge technologies, including lasers, magnetic flux leakage scanning, x-rays, RFID tags, thermal imaging, vibration monitoring, digital twins, and artificial intelligence, applied to conveyor systems, are introduced so attendees can understand how these evolving technologies can improve their conveyors.

This is not a computer class on conveyor software or a conveyor 101 course.

Who should attend?

The course presentation is intended for all stakeholders in conveyor systems operating at bulk material handling facilities, including large mining operations, ports, power plants, industrial facilities, and the grain and wood processing industries. Those with a mechanical, electrical, or mining engineering background will gain additional insight into many of the areas discussed, and those without an undergraduate engineering degree will also understand the content being presented. Participants from major mining countries such as Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Chile, and Peru will find many of the topics particularly relevant to their operations.

Continuing Education Credits

Colorado School of Mines will award 2.1 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) to participants who complete this course.

Course Agenda

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Course Instructor

The course material will be presented by

Andrew Hustrulid, PhD, PE
Sr VP Global Services
Shaw Almex Industrial Limited
Bonita Springs, FL
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Further technical information

For more information about the course content, please contact:

Andrew Hustrulid, PhD, PE
Sr VP Global Services
Shaw Almex Industrial Limited
Bonita Springs, FL

Registration Information and Assistance

Continuing and Professional Education Services
Colorado School of Mines
924 16th Street, Suite 221 Green Center
Golden, CO 80401 USA
Phone: 303.384.2690
Email: Learn@mines.edu

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